Le Boeuf Qui Tourne

In collaboration with the Belgian NGO CODEART and Électriciens Sans Frontières, RFI Planète Radio developed, designed and implemented a participatory, innovative and environmentally-friendly technology in the Central African Republic (CAR) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). 

After an evaluation of the difficulties faced by each of these countries, two of our colleagues designed and developed an animal-drawn electricity supply system and tested it out for the first time in the Central African Republic, within the « Democracy Networks » project . This system could provide radios or any small infrastructure (clinic, city council, communication centres, etc.) with electricity, for free and self-sufficiently.

Better known as the BQT System, which stands for « Le Bœuf qui tourne » (*), this technology uses animals such as bullocks or zebus that, hitched to an axle, rotate around a metal box containing mechanical and electrical components. A radio station could cover a radius of 60 km thanks to the BQT System. Energy experts have already recognised its efficiency and some organisations like ESF – Électriciens Sans Frontières are taking part in research to keep developing and optimise it.

Country : Central African Republic
Partner : European Union

 (*) « Le Bœuf qui tourne » could be translated in English by « The Rotating Bullock ».