Radio Adiketsuya – Venezuela

La Reforma – Venezuela

Setting up a radio and a radio production studio in a 500 multi-community indigenous children school in the Amazon. This project led to the introduction of a new discipline to be taught at school: « Local Communication ».

In 2008, the European Union Delegation in Venezuela launched a call for proposals to foster dialogue and exchanges between the Venezuelan civil society organizations and also to support the human and cultural development process in the country. Based on an original idea from RFI Planète Radio, a specific project has been designed by the International Training Service of RFI to support the creation of a community radio and a recording studio, both to be assigned to the indigenous communities of the Amazonas State, in La Reforma (Colombian border).

After several months of preparation, the RFI Team, Max Bale – head of project, Gwendal Mainguy – technical trainer and Eduardo Olivares – educational leader, trained for three months volunteers willing to take part in the installation of Radio Adiketsuya and meant to become the radio hosts.

Country : Venezuela
Partner : European Union

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